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Michael & The Rockness Monsters

Tell us about your music: We are a funky, alternative rock family band created by Preschool of Rock™ founders and teachers. We have tons of experience working with parents and children of all ages - it helps when writing music for all of them! Our latest record, Funny Faces, presents the perfect balance of silly and serious. The record sends message of unity and friendship and we hope you laugh along the way!

About your song (e.g., any unique instruments used, the origins of the lyrics, what inspired you, etc.): The world is filled with beautiful experiences and little moments that truly need to be embraced. This song reminds you to live in the moment, and notice the little characteristics of this world we live in. Whether it be a rainbow, a pizza pie, or your family or your friends - give them a hug - though the rainbow may be tough. We always create a fun and most silly experience together recording with our buddy Dean Jones. Our favorite instrument on this track is the slide guitar. Funny, it was a little out of tune, and fit just perfect.

What you hope children & families will get from this song: The goal of all of our music is to blur the line between 'children' and 'adult' music. We hope the listener leaves feeling a little more love. We tried to target everyone's interest in this song whether a toddler or a grandfather. We hope everyone identifies with with one of the items in the song. I'm feeling toddlers will go for the pizza pie. We would!