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Little Miss Ann and Amy D

Tell us about your music:

Our music is melodic, singable, upbeat, and interactive. There's also a nurturing vibe present in our tunes. In addition, we use unique instrumentation and harmonies, plus different musical genres like bluegrass, calypso, gospel, folk, country, and rock. .

Tell us about your songs (e.g., any unique instruments used, the origins of the lyrics, what inspired you, etc.):

L.O.V.E. was the first song Amy D wrote for the album: "When I began to contemplate what I wanted to put out into the world, the answer was simple: love." Our producer, Dean Jones, really shaped this song in the studio, from the unconventional percussion instruments (tongue drum and udu) to the doo-wop inspired background vocals. We had a lot of fun recording this tune, and he really captured that playful spirit on the track.

What I hope children, teachers, and families get from this song: 

The message we hope others get from this song: show love, give love, and spread love.