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La Golondrina

Sonia De Los Santos

Tell us about your music:

Latin American Folk Music for all ages! I’ve been touring with the Grammy Award winning group Dan Zanes and Friends for the last 9 years and on my first solo family album Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island I reflect on my experiences growing up in Mexico, moving to another country, learning about other cultures, and in the process, feeling closer to my own heritage. All the songs in my album tell little pieces of that journey from my hometown Monterrey in México, all the way to New York City!

About your song (e.g., any unique instruments used, the origins of the lyrics, what inspired you, etc.):

A “Golondrina” is a swallow bird and I wrote this song thinking about the afternoons I spent as a child sitting on my grandmother’s porch. We would watch these birds as they would make their nests and stay for a while, and then fly away only to make their nests again in new places. Some people like to call them migrant birds- their pilgrimage sounds very familiar to me! Inspired by the Mexican Son Jarocho style from the state of Veracruz, the instrumentation follows this tradition. You can hear the “requinto jarocho” playing the introduction and the violin introduces the melody. There’s also two different sizes of “jaranas” - small 8 string guitars- and the “leona” and “marimbol” - a plucked key box bass- are in charge of playing the bass notes. You can also hear a rattlin’ donkey’s jaw and the “zapateado”- a percussive dance done over a wooden platform.

What you hope children & families will get from this song:

The song is about an adventurous bird that flies to faraway places but never forgets where it’s coming from. It’s an analogy of my own journey and I hope it inspires other people -young and old- to follow their own dreams wherever they may be...

Photo © Quetzal Photography