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If I Were An Octopus

Michael and the Rockness Monsters

Tell us about your music:

Music is our vehicle. A vehicle that can take us on a variety of journeys and teach us many things along the way. When we are writing material for children, their ideas and curiosities are guiding the song lyrics, as well as the structure. A hook, a great chorus and thought provoking lyrics (as silly as songs may get - like this song) are integral in grabbing the attention of the young child, the parent and the teacher!

This band is a spin off of Preschool of Rock, an award winning early childhood education program combining STEM, Movement, Language and Emotional Development that serves many NAEYC schools in NY and NJ. Although the Preschool of Rock catalogue of music is targeted primarily at children under 5, we hope you hear small lessons and similarities poking through Michael & the Rockness Monsters from our preschool based enrichment classes.

About your song (e.g., any unique instruments used, the origins of the lyrics, what inspired you, etc.):

This was a fun song to work on. It’s silly and it’s simple. There is a library of really cool sounds coming in to set the underwater scene. You can hear some twinkling synthesizers and organs creating a vibrating underwater setting. If you listen close you will hear the lyrics supported by very subtle sound effects in the background. Like all of our songs, this song was inspired by a child. In this instance the child asked me to make the sound of an octopus. Obviously this led to the discussion of - “If you were an octopus, what would you be like?” - and there we have it!

What you hope children & families will get from this song:

This is a fun, silly ditty. Some of our songs have very clear messages. In this song we want the listener to dance and have a good time. That’s it!

There is always a hidden message though. This song is an exploration of imagination. The drifting melodies, countermelodies and variety of sounds bring us to this magical place where anything can happen. “If I were” can be applied to many imaginary contexts. Where can you picture yourself? In Space? On a mountaintop?

In the end, we can do anything we put our minds to - just as the octopus in this song can do anything: wear purple pants, sing, and play in a rock-n-roll band. Obviously the octopus may have a problem with these tasks, yet we can do anything we put our minds to - can’t we?! We would like our listeners to enjoy the song, enjoy music, and inspire a new generation of musicians and music aficionados.

Photo © Audrey Blake