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I Love to Study Mud!

Roger Day

About your music: I learned early on that singing the right song at the right moment with kids is like having a superpower. Time to clean up? Sing a song. Want to learn ABCs? Sing a song. I spent summers in college working for a summer camp for low income children from Birmingham, AL. My job was to focus the attention of over a hundred kids. If I simply started singing a song, even in a quiet voice, something magical made kids listen. Once they were ready to listen, they were ready to learn. Throw in melodies that are catchy and easy to learn, plus some fun gross motor movements, and you've got the recipe for every song I've written since.

About this song: "I Love to Study Mud!" was inspired by a week I spent at the University of Georgia Marine Institute, which is on a barrier island called Sapelo Island just south of Savannah. Scientists from all over the world go there to conduct experiments to better learn what makes a healthy coastal ecosystem work. I followed them around, helped them with experiments and wrote songs about my experience. I spent a day in the August heat stomping around in the thickest, slimiest, smelliest, marsh mud you can imagine, dodging mosquitos, watching fiddler crabs dance, and keeping an eye out for alligators. I have newfound respect for any scientist who does this kind of work.

What I hope children, teachers and families get from this song: I hope this song inspires kids everywhere to get out and stomp in the mud! And maybe one day, one of these same kids will follow in the muddy footsteps of the marine biologists I met on Sapelo Island and unlock the mysteries of what makes a coastal ecosystem work.