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Fly Like a Bird

Dean Jones

Tell us about your music:

I’ve been making music for kids (and their pets and families) for about 17 years now, with my band Dog on Fleas, and solo as well. With every new album that I record my songs seem to get simpler and shorter, and I end up asking more questions and giving fewer answers. I really believe in engaging kids by asking questions, and writing songs that are thought provoking, open and generous feeling. And I love to leave space for daydreaming within the songs, as well as dancing and singing along. I like to use a really big sonic palette of colors when I paint and sculpt my music; lots of different instruments from around the world, and every kind of texture and flavor I can imagine.

About your song (e.g., any unique instruments used, the origins of the lyrics, what inspired you, etc.):

“Fly Like a Bird” is a little dream! It’s very simple and repetitive, and hopefully evokes a feeling in listeners. I’m mixing up drum machine and live drum playing with some funky synthesizer sounds and wah wah guitar. I wrote this song while sitting on the top of a mountain looking up. What do you think I saw?

What you hope children & families will get from this song:

When I’m performing for kids I always ask if anyone has written a song. A lot of kids say that they have. Then I might play a really simple song like this one and say “look, you could do this!!!” I like to encourage kids to be creative, and confirm for them that writing a song is not rocket science.

Photo © James Fossett