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Dream Too Much

Amy Lee

Tell us about your music:

This album represents a connection to my having a son, being a mother and reconnecting with old own childhood. My 2-year old son Jack was my test audience for these songs. After first recording them, I’d bring them down to him, and we’d listen together. It’s been really fun because a big part of the creative process has been observing his interests, spinning them into songs, and watching this reaction.

About your song (e.g., any unique instruments used, the origins of the lyrics, what inspired you, etc.):

The song literally came from Jack’s words. I was sitting down with a guitar and he was just making these weird combinations of words and phrases like, “monkey in the band” = which became the first line of the song. Then, “muffins are sleeping.” All of this creative nonsense that he really said. It’s been so cool to watch him imagine something, hear it back as a song, and then get to see it visually.

What you hope children & families will get from this song:

I want to inspire both children and adults to dream big.

Photo © Drew Reynolds