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Music, Math & More

Preschoolers Are Natural Mathematicians

Preschoolers aren’t yet ready to memorize multiplication tables, but that doesn’t mean they cannot learn and explore math concepts. Try these ideas at home to help your preschooler explore math.

Children and Digital Media - Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Here are some new tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to help you as you manage your children's use of digital media at home.

Everyday Shapes

You can expand your children’s learning environment by helping them identify, create, name, and take apart shapes during your regular routines

Reading, Auditory Discrimination apps and eBooks for Early Learning

Your iPad can be a powerful ally as you help a young child build his or her language skills. From letter recognition to comprehension, there's an app to support just about every skill. 

An Interview with Children's Musician Ella Jenkins

"Music is so very important.  It’s an important way we can communicate with one another, with children, at home, at school, and around the world." - Ella Jenkins

Ideas para clasificar en la casa

Las experiencias tempranas de agrupar y clasificar ayudan a los niños pequeños a observar en qué se parecen y en qué se diferencian las cosas. Esta comprensión les servirá cuando estén aprendiendo técnicas matemáticas en la escuela primaria. Aquí les proponemos algunas formas de realizar esas actividades en su casa.

Las formas geométricas de todos los días

Los niños pueden aprender mucho acerca de las formas geométricas durante muchas actividades diarias. 

Raffi’s Got a Love Bug

Editor's note:  Raffi is celebratating 40 years of making music for children with a "Best of Raffi" album release and a national concert tour. In April, he performs in Chicago and Minneapolis, and in May he performs in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. He also regularly tours around Canada.