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Music, Math & More

A Family Shadow Walk

Family walks provide wonderful opportunities to explore the mysteries of light and shadows. Your child can learn how to make shadows bigger and smaller and observe how shadows move. 

Playdough Power

Children love playdough. Learn how it also supports children socially, creatively, and physically while building literacy, science, and math skills—all at the same time!

Art, Creativity and Music apps for Early Learning

iPads will never replace the smell of freshly peeled crayons, but they can offer children a new way to create, complete with such features that might include using a camera, microphone or an "undo" option that encourages experimentation.

Social play and ESL apps for Early Learning

Does technology promote solitary play? Or can it help a child learn to socialize? It depends entirely on the app. Here are a few that foster collaborative play. 

Tips on Tablets and Apps for the Early Childhood Classroom

 What's the best brand of tablet for an Early Childhood Education setting? You can answer this question by asking how many quality experiences the tablet and its associated app store, can deliver for young children.  

Selecting Apps to Support Children’s Learning

Guidelines to use when selecting apps for young children 8 and under.

Museums and Libraries for Summer Fun and Learning

Inspire a love of learning, and build important skills and knowledge at these family-friendly attractions.

Supporting the Development of Creativity

Read about ways to offer children art experiences that support creativity, enjoyment of art, development, & more.

Spend Time Outdoors with Your Child

Almost anything your child does indoors can be an outdoor activity too, and family time outdoors is beneficial for everyone!