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Music, Math & More

5 Ways to Build Math into Your Child's Day

Tips for how to keep things fun as you encourage your child to explore math.


12 Teacher Terms Demystified

Developmentally appropriate? Scaffolding? Your child’s teacher might use language other educators understand but may be new to you.

Support Math with Materials in Your Home

Six fun and simple activities to support your child's math readiness.

Support Your Child's Learning During the Holidays!

Looking for ways to support your child’s learning during the holiday season?  Here are 10 ideas that you can try during your regular activities – cooking, eating, playing, and exploring!  

Take Your Child to a Live Performance

Family friendly live performances are a wonderful introduction to the world of performing arts. Here are tips to help children prepare.


"I Helped Mama Too!" Cooking With a Tiny Helper

Here are 10 tips to make cooking with toddlers easier for everyone.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage and Eating Right with José-Luis Orozco

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, José-Luis talks about his newest album !Come Bien! Eat Right! and the messages he wants to share with families and teachers.


Meaningful Art Projects Parents Can Fit Into a Busy Day

Art projects offer children and families many benefits.  Here are a few tips to help busy families engage in meaningful art projects.

10 Prop Box Ideas: Mini Learning Centers at Home

Bring the spirit of learning centers into your home with prop boxes filled with materials related to one topic like math or writing.

Support Math Readiness Through Music

Even the youngest of children can respond to music and the mathematical principles behind it. Here are three musical elements that relate to math and activity ideas to try at home.