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Music, Math & More

13 Tips for Starting Preschool

Is your child entering a preschool program for the first time? Use these tips to help you and your child make a smooth transition.

Home Sorting Ideas

Early experiences in sorting and classifying help young children notice how things are alike and different. They will apply this understanding when learning math skills in the primary grades. Here are some ways families can sort and classify at home.


10 Ways Babies Learn When We Sing To Them!

When you sing to your baby she learns listening skills, new words, and so much more. Here are 10 ways babies learn when we sing to them.

Explore the Great Outdoors with Your Child

In today’s entertainment-driven world, exploring the outdoors is an opportunity for children to actively engage in learning. 

Songs and Ideas for Honoring Social Struggle with Young Children

The songs we selected highlight the importance of love, the value of education, and lyrics to inspire children to believe they can achieve great things in their own lives. 

Uncharted Territory: 10 Technology Tips for Preschool Parents

Parents make creative decisions daily using their best instincts. Here are some  tips that might help when making technology decisions for your child. 

Toys as Tools: Everyday Science Experiences

Young children don't need highly specialized equipment to explore the natural world scientifically. 

Mud: Explore and Learn

June 29th is International Mud Day but you can play and learn with mud all year long!  Check out these ideas to learn and explore with mud, and share your mud moments and memories.

7 Tips for Vegetable Gardening With Your Toddler

 Those of us who have small toddler helpers may not have the loveliest veggies to show for it, but we have learned some important lessons along the way. Here are some tips.

10 Ideas to Get You and Your Child Exploring Outdoors

Go for a nature scaventure hunt. Follow an ant trail.  Observe a tree throughout the seasons.