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Child Development

Tips for Spending Quality Time With Your Child

It isn’t about endless hours of time—it’s about how you choose to spend that time that truly matters.

Am I Really My Child’s First Teacher?

Many simple, everyday routines are excellent opportunities for developing your child’s emergent literacy skills.

Ready or Not Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Here are some tips to help you prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Building Social and Emotional Skills at Home

Here are some suggestions for helping your child develop social and emotional skills at home.

Coping with Tragedies

Resources from a number of educational organizations about how to talk to children after a tragedy, the psychological impact, and tips for dealing with what children learn from the media.

Observation: The Key to Understanding Your Child

 With a little observation and a few notes, you can start to better understand your child's behavior.  Here's how. 

10 Tips to Support Children’s Science Learning

Enjoy discussing the questions your child asks. Encourage her to share her perspective and observations.  

4 Things Kindergarten Teachers Want You to Know

When families and teachers work together, kids win! Here are four things that kindergarten teachers want you know. 



Help Your Child Build Fine Motor Skills

Many of your child’s daily activities can increase muscle strength and coordination and help prepare for more advanced skills.

Encouraging Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep is critical to children’s everyday functioning, and as a parent you play a critical role in helping your child establish healthy sleep habits.