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Children first hear “dirty words” at age 3 and 4. Their understanding of language at these ages is sophisticated enough for them take note of the special intonations and contexts associated with such words.

A child's reluctance in going to school and doing her normal activities. What can be going on?

As siblings learn to get along, they'll have to deal with their differences in temperament.

A baby's first angry outburst can come as shock to new parents. No longer so cute, nor so sweet and innocent, an angry baby is signaling a new way in which he is becoming a person.

A father seeks to ease his infant daughters distress during car rides.

When a child is fascinated with self exploration what's normal and when should one worry?

We are deeply honored that the National Association for the Education of Young Children is bringing “Families Today” to its website. This column, formerly syndicated by the New York Times, appeared every week in newspapers and magazines around the country and abroad for more than 20 years.