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Children Learn So Much From Cooking!

by: Kelsey Stevens 


Preschoolers pressing fresh tortillas during a Cooking Class - YUM!                       

Cooking with children has innumerous benefits from laying the foundation for basic math concepts to instilling healthy eating habits. 

  • Children strengthen their fine motor skills through cutting, pouring and scooping.
  • They develop a basic understanding of math concepts like understanding volumne through measuring different ingredients.
  • Children learn the concept of sequencing through reading recipes and discussing what comes first, second, and third in the cooking process.
  • Children expand their vocabulary as they are exposed to new words and terms.

One of the greatest benefits to cooking with children is helping them develop an adventurous and diverse taste palette. 
Children are more likely to try different ingredients and foods if they experience them at an early age.

We believe that children learn best through play and when they are able to fully engage all of their senses. 
The textures, smells, and tastes from the various ingredients provide an unmatched organic experience with an ability to enthrall, entice, and spur a sense of wonder in the children’s eyes. As educators, we foster each child’s independence and encourage the exploration of culinary creations, igniting a sense of accomplishment which provides an insatiable desire to push boundaries while we work together to create tantalizing results. Let’s eat!

Kelsey Stevens is the Director of the Children's Center at Taco Bell.