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Featured Artists and Songs

This month features songs that celebrate childhood! Be sure to come back each month to hear a new selection of children's music—and don't miss the growing archive of children's songs.

One Love

Aaron Nigel Smith

Tell us about your music: I write and record music with the hope of engaging, entertaining and educating kids and families. Although most of my songs are original compositions,
I enjoy adding my own spin to traditional folk and classic reggae songs like this one from Bob Marley. I am happiest when I look out into the crowd and see families singing, dancing and playing together to the sounds of my music. 

About your song: "One Love" is perhaps one of the most popular reggae songs of all time. In this classic Bob Marley tune we sing "One Love, One Heart/ Let's get together and feel all right."
One World Chorus recorded the track as a collaborative effort among kids in the USA, Kenya, and Jamaica. More than 300 children sang on this special project. It's a true celebration of children and childhood everywhere.
Marley's message of peace and unity shines through the collective voices of One World Chorus. We'll be releasing a new album of Marley's songs in spring 2015.
What you hope children & families will get from this song: It is my hope that all who hear our arrangement of One Love will enjoy the interpretation of this Bob Marley classic.
I would love for the listener to be moved to action whether it's  singing or dancing along, or trying to be a little kinder to their neighbors.

© Aaron Nigel Smith
The Little Things

Jennifer Gasoi

Tell us about your music: I write award-winning jazz and world-inspired music for children that contains empowering and inspiring messages, upbeat rhythms, and intelligent lyrics. My songs inspire listeners to dream, live authentically, and know that everything is possible when we put our hearts and minds to it.
Tell us about your songThis song was inspired by small moments from my childhood.  It highlights the power of presence and allows the audience to experience the world through the eyes of a child.  The simplicity of the lyrics and the arrangement speak to nostalgic elements, but the magic of childhood comes through. 
Please tell us what you hope children, teachers and families will get from this song: I hope this song sparks feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and joy in everyone who listens to it.  I hope it spurs adults and children to tune into the present and become aware of the beauty around them.  Sometimes it’s truly the little things in life that are the most impactful. 
“Let’s drift along, singing our little song, it’s about the things that make life sweet... it’s the little things...” 
© Jennifer Gasoi
All These Shapes

The Pop Ups

Tell us about your music:
We hope our music inspires people.  We hope it makes people dance.  We hope folks can learn something new or at the least, walk away with a fresh perspective.  We hope to give folks a laugh while we do it.
Tell us about your song:
Literally, the song was inspired by refrigerator magnets!  We are quite fond of drawing, and drawing can be distilled into basic shapes quite beautifully.  "What can you make with all these shapes?" is a call to action!

Please tell us what you hope children, teachers and families will get from this song:We hope children and families get inspired!  Maybe someone will see a shape in something they haven't noticed before?  Maybe someone else will realize drawing a sun is just a circle and some straight lines?  You can see the world from any perspective you choose.  How much fun it is to see the world through someone else's eyes!

© The Pop Ups

This Island Life

Big World Audio Theatre

Tell us about your music: We are a ragtag group of storytellers, musicians artist and oddballs from the wonderfully 'peculiar' Portland Oregon who strive to create music that incites imagination and a longing for adventure. While a folk influence is unmistakable, our current album straddles many different genres.

Tell us about your songAs it is embedded in a larger narrative, this Carribean-influenced piece is the theme song of "The Lullabeans:" Cheerful and musical islanders who are totally in love with their way of life and who find that there is nothing more enjoyable than singing, dancing, and making music.  

Please tell us what you hope children, teachers and families will get from this song: Like the Lullabeans, we hope this song can take our listeners to a place of sun, sand, and good vibes. We had an absolute blast creating this track, and we hope that that joy and positivity is also impressed upon the listener. 
© Big World Audio Theatre
Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Okee Dokee Brothers

Tell us about your music: 
We make Americana-folk music to inspire families to get outside, get active, and get creative. This song is from our second adventure album.
Tell us about your song: 
This is our new take on an old traditional song, now with some updated, kid-friendly lyrics, a mountain banjo in the background, and some harmonized whistling. 
What I hope children, teachers, and families get from this song: 
This song has great rhymes and syncopated, rhythmic lyrics. It's a fun tune to sing along to while letting the words take your imagination for a whimsical mountain hike.
© The Okee Dokee Brothers
I Love the Mountains

Little Miss Ann

Tell us about your music:
My music is down-to-earth but upbeat.  I create music interactive, enjoyable songs for the whole family. While my sound is based on folk rock, there are elements of indie, world, jazz, and blues.  I often use unique instrumentation and harmonies. 
Tell us about your song: 
When my daughter was young, I fell in love with children’s musicians like Woody Guthrie and Ella Jenkins.  I started working at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music as a parent/toddler music instructor. One day, I visited my ex-bandmate, who was a dad. He took me to a playgroup he started where they sang songs. A mom there who reacquainted me with “I Love the Mountains,” and I fell for the tune instantly.  On the album, I’ve put a rockin’ twist to it and added a dreamy flute part.
What I hope children, teachers, and families get from this song:
As a former Chicago Public Special Education teacher, I originally used children’s music as an educational tool.  Mostly, singing together meant positive social interaction as well as building the children's reading and vocabulary skills. Hopefully, my music also empowers children to be strong, loving, and individual.
© Little Miss Ann