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Reading & Writing

Eight Tips for Creating Homemade Books

A powerful way to interest young children in reading books is to make books about their routines, life events and vacations. 

Read Together to Support Early Literacy

When you share books with your very young child you support emerging literacy.

Everyone Can Be a Storyteller

Storytelling helps preschoolers learn new words and get ready to become readers and writers. To further this learning at home, invite your child to tell stories to you and other family members. Here are some suggestions:

Talk It Up!

Why is a large vocabulary important for children? Because it’s linked to their reading and school success.

Read Anything and Everything with Your Child

Use these ideas to help your child learn how and why writing and reading are important and useful.

12 Ways to Support Language Development for Infants and Toddlers

When you talk to your child, you support her language development. Think of what you are saying from your infant or toddler’s point of view.

Start a Home Library

Ideas to find inexpensive books and surround children with a variety of books to encourage a love of reading. 

Support Writing at Home

Many children play with writing long before they learn to read. Here are some ways to help your child develop the skills needed for writing. 

Everyday Steps to Reading and Writing

How can you encourage your child to love reading, writing, and language so much that he begs for a bedtime story or a trip to the library?

Toddlers and Reading: Describe but Don’t Drill

Flash cards emphasize memorization but complex langauge is what's important.