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Child Development

Reinforcing Language Skills for Our Youngest Learners

Parents and caregivers can take part in helping children learn and acquire the language skills they will need to communicate clearly.

Five Essentials to Meaningful Play

With these elements, play provides children with rich experiences, even long after children are grown.

How to Support Children’s Approaches to Learning? Play with Them!

Curiosity, problem solving, and persistence are just a few approaches to learning that children develop through play.

Why Do Babies Like Boxes Best?

Why is Ella playing with the wrapping paper and box instead of the present? The answer lies in her development.  

Important Things to Think About, Question, and State When Looking for Child Care for Foster Children

Working as a team with your child care professionals provides the best support for your child to survive a traumatic situation, build resilience, and thrive.


10 Tips for Raising a Compassionate Infant-Toddler

Here are ten tips used in the classroom to help infants and toddlers become pro-social that families can also try at home.

Tips for Spending Quality Time With Your Child

It isn’t about endless hours of time—it’s about how you choose to spend that time that truly matters.

Am I Really My Child’s First Teacher?

Many simple, everyday routines are excellent opportunities for developing your child’s emergent literacy skills.

Ready or Not Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Here are some tips to help you prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Building Social and Emotional Skills at Home

Here are some suggestions for helping your child develop social and emotional skills at home.