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For a toddler, food can be a means for play and making independent decisions. Here are some attitudes and strategies to use at meal time to guide your child.

It's not always easy for a firstborn child to adapt to having a new baby sibling in the house. As a parent, you can help ease your firstborn into the new adjustment.

Quality of sleep is extremely important for young children, even when they are getting the appropriate amount of sleep.

I have an almost 4-year-old daughter who is extremely bossy – to me, to our family, to other children. Any advice?

Parents may not always realize just how seriously a child takes each criticism and each encouraging word. 

Is swaddling – snugly wrapping baby in a blanket – healthy for babies? 

When a young child fears bathtime, here are some ideas to explore.

Does a child who walks before crawling risk developing a learning disability?

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