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Outgrowing the Pacifier

Will my 3-year-old daughter have orthodontic problems in the future from still using a pacifier?

A 7-Year-Old Throws the "Fit of All Fits"

When my son throws a fit, should I lock him in his room, or would that send a bad message?

The Power of Play

 Play is a child’s work. As he plays, he has a chance to relive his experiences, ask questions about his world and, most of all, act out his dreams.

Learning & Development

When families and teachers work together, kids win! Here are four things that kindergarten teachers want you know. 


Young children learn to think in new ways when they imagine, guess, describe, and wonder. Engage your child's curiosity with these books. 

 Those of us who have small toddler helpers may not have the loveliest veggies to show for it, but we have learned some important lessons along the way. Here are some tips.

Quality Child Care Matters

NAEYC-Accredited Programs

Use these tips to guide you as you look for a quality child care or preschool program for your child.