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A 7-Year-Old Who Worries Too Much

My 7-year-old son has started obsessively worrying about everything, from getting sick (which he never is) to earthquakes, bacteria, smoke detector batteries – the list goes on and on. I would love to reassure him and get him to relax.

Family Mealtimes with More Fun, Less Fuss

For parents and their young children, family mealtimes can be valued as opportunities for sharing each other’s ideas and company. Meals are times for children to experience their own autonomy while being together as a family.

Peacemaking in Large Families

Gender and age differences, along with temperament, can make for unique roles for each child and distinct relationships among siblings.


Learning & Development

As Halloween approaches adults can watch for children's reactions to potentially scary images and situations

Flash cards emphasize memorization but complex langauge is what's important.

Developmentally appropriate? Scaffolding? Your child’s teacher might use language other educators understand but may be new to you.

Quality Child Care Matters

NAEYC-Accredited Programs

Use these tips to guide you as you look for a quality child care or preschool program for your child.