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Age 4 and the Dawn of Conscience

Development of a 4-year-old and ways to help with fears and nightmares.

A 7-Year-Old Throws the "Fit of All Fits"

When my son throws a fit, should I lock him in his room, or would that send a bad message?

Outgrowing the Pacifier

Will my 3-year-old daughter have orthodontic problems in the future from still using a pacifier?

Learning & Development

Resources from a number of educational organizations about how to talk to children after a tragedy, the psychological impact, and tips for dealing with what children learn from the media.

Physical activity is important for the health and well-being of children.  Not only does staying active help children keep fit, but it helps children form active habits!

June 29th is International Mud Day but you can play and learn with mud all year long!  Check out these ideas to learn and explore with mud, and share your mud moments and memories.

Quality Child Care Matters

NAEYC-Accredited Programs

Use these tips to guide you as you look for a quality child care or preschool program for your child.