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Learning to be a 'Big Brother'

It's not easy for a child to become an older sibling. He or she will need the same understanding from parents as a younger child.

A 14-Month-Old, Early to Bed and Early to Rise

My 14-month-old is an excellent sleeper – he has slept through the night since he was 2 months old. However, he goes to bed early and wakes up early (typically 7:15 p.m.

A Toddler Who Bites His Mother

For toddlers, biting might not mean that they are angry or upset.

Learning & Development

There are lots of ways to use the rain to your advantage and create authentic water play experiences for your children. Here are a few!

Many children play with writing long before they learn to read. Here are some ways to help your child develop the skills needed for writing. 

Early experiences in sorting and classifying help young children notice how things are alike and different. They will apply this understanding when learning math skills in the primary grades. Here are some ways families can sort and classify at home.


Quality Child Care Matters

NAEYC-Accredited Programs

Use these tips to guide you as you look for a quality child care or preschool program for your child.